We've Got Handwritten Lyrics From Americana Sensations The Lone Bellow

For the title track off their brand new album

The Lone Bellow fans, rejoice! We've got an extra special piece of art for you today in the form of handwritten lyrics, by the band, for "Walk Into A Storm," the title track from their new album. Check it out!

Not only is this a cool piece of art, but it's one with particular significance, too. Lead singer/songwriter Zach Williams, who penned these lyrics, told us about the special inspiration behind the song.

"Walk Into a Storm" is a letter to my wife, Stacy. I wrote it to her during a particularly long time apart. I've been tremendously drawn to her since the moment I met her at 12 years old on the way to summer camp. We've been through 9 lives together. After our first year of marriage I almost lost her to a neck injury. I almost lost her in a different way during our first 2 years in NYC."

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Read along to Zach's words in his very own writing as you listen to the band's new album, Walk Into a Storm, the follow-up to 2015's Then Came the Morning. The album was produced by Dave Cobb, who also worked on recent albums from Chris Stapleton, Sturgill Simpson, and Jason Isbell. (Yes, Dave is on one heck of a run, I know.) Stream the album on Spotify or Apple Music. You can follow the band on Facebook and Instagram as well.
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